A Modern Victorian Era Piece

A Modern Victorian Era Piece

This illustration was inspired by a Victorian Era illustrator, Arthur Rackham, who did a series of fairy tale illustrations back in the late eighteen hundreds. With a modern twist these fairies are comfortably nude in their environment. The illustration is … Continue reading

Victorian Era inspired Vogue cover sketch


I’m back at college and I am taking a Survey of Illustration class. I have been dreading taking this class until now because art history in general tends to be a little heavy and I’m not as into writing essays as I used to be. However I was very possessively surprised as my professor on the first day told us that there will be no essays, no tests, but instead we will be doing art projects to learn the characteristics of some of the important illustration movements. This is my first idea sketch for the Victorian Era. It is based on the element of anthropomorphism.

Back in Business

Hello all fellow bloggers and faithful followers!


Silly Bird doodle!

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Actually when I think about it, it has been almost two months!? How in the world did time go so fast. Well, it all started when I traveled to Hong Kong and New Zealand with my family. Wonderful countries btw! Internet connection in the mountains, not so much. So that December went pretty fast.  At the beginning of January I got the pleasant experience of being stuck in an airport together with many many many other frustrated commuters during winter storm Hercules, and as a result a good solid flu. That all belongs to the past now, because I’m up and running and ready for yet another exciting year full of art and illustration!   

So as I haven’t had the chance to draw a lot over the last months I got a lot of ideas to get out of my system!