Inktober 22 – Hare Decor

It is crazy that October is almost at an end. It feels like I just started my inktober drawings yesterday and now Halloween is just around the corner! I am a bit behind but will catch up this week. I’m excited to have another inktober collection to show for this year. I have really enjoyed this medium. This is inktober 22 – A decor pattern with a cute little Hare.


Inktober 22. 2016  – Hare Decor

Victorian Era inspired Vogue cover sketch


I’m back at college and I am taking a Survey of Illustration class. I have been dreading taking this class until now because art history in general tends to be a little heavy and I’m not as into writing essays as I used to be. However I was very possessively surprised as my professor on the first day told us that there will be no essays, no tests, but instead we will be doing art projects to learn the characteristics of some of the important illustration movements. This is my first idea sketch for the Victorian Era. It is based on the element of anthropomorphism.