Inktober 9 – A little pumpkin House

I have been holding off with the pumpkins because I wanted to save them for later in October, but now I couldn’t control myself any longer. I love pumpkins! I love pumpkin carving, pumpkin fields, even the giant boxes of pumpkins in the supermarkets… Pumpkins are simply what sums up the beauty of autumn for me. The natural vibrant colors that reminds us of the season we are changing into. So of Inktober 9, I made a little pumpkin house, because what would be cooler than living in one :p


Inktober 9. 2016 – A little pumpkin House

A little tea-cup home

Sometimes we leave things behind. Most often leaving things behind in the wild is not a good thing, but now and then we can become surprised by how well nature adapts and accepts our leave behinds. This little chipmunk has found a lovely little shelter in an old forgotten teacup. We do not condone leaving things behind in nature, but I do find amazement in how often I see nature transforing something old and useless to something beautiful and meaningful. That is what I wanted my third inktober drawing to be about – how nature can make even the old and forgotten beautiful.


Inktober 3. 2016 – A little tea-cup home