Watercolor exploration

In the month of January I took some skillshare classes in watercolor techniques! I like using watercolors a lot, but I have never really taken the time to try out different techniques. I have previously simply used them for naive coloring of doodles, but now after taking some classes I have a better understanding of the medium. How the paints work and mixes together. These are some of my first paintings I did along watching the class. I have a lot to lean still, but I am really enjoying the progress that I am already making. Yay to trying new things! Stay tuned for hopefully much more watercolor experimentations in the future 🙂

A growing book – Inktober 13

Books are just wonderful. They come from nature and creativity and so they inspire. There is nothing more endearing than falling in love with imagined scenes from a book and bringing them to life with art.


Inktober 13. 2016 – A growing Book

A little tea-cup home

Sometimes we leave things behind. Most often leaving things behind in the wild is not a good thing, but now and then we can become surprised by how well nature adapts and accepts our leave behinds. This little chipmunk has found a lovely little shelter in an old forgotten teacup. We do not condone leaving things behind in nature, but I do find amazement in how often I see nature transforing something old and useless to something beautiful and meaningful. That is what I wanted my third inktober drawing to be about – how nature can make even the old and forgotten beautiful.


Inktober 3. 2016 – A little tea-cup home

Autumn through a looking glass

For my second inktober drawing I have made a little autumn explorer in his natural habitat. The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, but this little explorer with his hat and cape is still outside taking on the forest with a pair of binoculars and his faithful friends.



Inktober 2. 2016  – Autumn though a looking glass