Love birds

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I am currently working on an exciting project for a new client in Australia! Unfortunately I can’t share it until it is published in February 2017. In the mean time though, I sometimes have some time to continue working on my own coloring book. Here are some lovebirds in progress for my bird book 🙂

Birds are such beautiful creatures

Yet another page from my new coloring book in progress. This is one of my favorites from the book so far. I just love drawing birds, and especially ones that are in mid air interacting with one another. How wonderful it must be to fly!

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December 10th – My Advent Calendar



December 10th – Christmas hearts. Nothing is better than cutting Christmas Hearts together with someone special and then filling them with goodies, fur and decorative things. Later on they will go on the Christmas tree 🙂 This is the 10th illustration in my advent calendar series.

December 9th – My advent Calendar

dec9wtext copy

December 9th – In northern Europe we go to the forests and collect all kinds of greens, cones, nuts and berries. Then we  make our own Christmas decoration with a countdown candle. This is one of my most cherished memories as a kid. It is a tradition to spend time with the family or our loved ones. It is a creative outlet that we spend the rest of the month looking at and remembering the time we spent together. This is the ninth illustration of my 24 illustrated Christmas card series.

December 8th – My advent Calendar


December 8th –One of my favorite things about the holiday season is all the warm Christmasy drinks. Chai Lattes, cinnamon, nuts, berries and small tea candles. What else can we ask for? It’s cold outside. Take a break and take your best friend to a Cafe and enjoy each other’s company. This is the eighth illustration of my 24 illustrated Christmas card series. Cards will be abatable on Etsy soon.